CEMS creates engineering pipelines.

CRUX Engineering MicroServices – CEMS - is a starting IT company powered by CRUX and exposes geotechnical software as service through REST api’s. These endpoints can be used as a trusted component in scalable automated engineering processes.

The geotechnical consultancy world is lagging behind in the use of digital tools. In geotechnics, software user interfaces have hardly undergone any development in the last 20 years. Today’s computing power and storage capacity is unlimited for Geo-Engineering applications.

In order to unlock these possibilities in our work, we need to acquire programming skills and be able to apply them in automated design processes. Mastering these skills will offer the opportunity to integrate Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in our daily work.

The objective of CEMS is to make fully use of digital technologies, starting from our domain knowledge of underground engineering.

Jacco Haasnoot, CEMS / CRUX

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Google CloudDockerGitLabPythonKubernetesJupyter Notebooks


Our services are:

  • Automated Engineering
  • Consultancy
  • Tool development
  • Data management

Technology Stack: Google Cloud, Docker, GitLab, Python, Kubernetes, Jupyter Notebooks.

Google CloudDockerGitLabPythonKubernetesJupyter Notebooks

Released products

Since 2018 we developed the following automated engineering products:

  • Nuclei Platform
  • Monitoring Data and Visualisation Platform
  • CPT Interpretation using AI
  • Automated Dewatering Design and visualisation
  • Pile Foundation Design
  • Shallow Foundation Design
  • Automated Dike Stability Design
  • Reinforced Soil Design
  • Water Level Statistics
  • Settlement Calculations
  • Plaxis Post Processing and visualisation
  • Report generation

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GeomindBouwRiskHoogheemraadschap van Schieland en de KrimpenerwaardCruxGeoDelta


We develop for the following companies:

  • Geomind
  • Bouwrisk
  • BWZ / Waterschap Rivierenland
  • Hoogheemraadschap van Schieland en de Krimpenerwaard
  • CRUX Engineering

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