About us

Founded in 2020, CEMS specialises in developing MicroServices for geotechnical engineering, geohydrology and monitoring. We emerged from CRUX Engineering B.V., thus benefiting from more than 20 years of technical expertise. This unique collaboration, combined with mastery of the latest programming languages, enables us to create digital services that optimise your designs.

Our Mission

The AEC industry - Architecture, Engineering, and Construction - has been developing at a rapid pace in recent years. CEMS is at the forefront of this in the geotechnical and geohydrological fields. With today's computing power and storage capacity, the possibilities for engineers are virtually unlimited. CEMS integrates geo-engineering and software knowledge to create customised applications that provide robust solutions to design engineering challenges. Our main goal is to minimise time spent on repetitive tasks, so engineers can focus on analysing results and reducing risk to achieve optimal designs.

Part of CRUX Groep

CEMS operates within the CRUX Group, alongside CRUX Engineering B.V. and BouwRisk. Although they are interconnected, they operate autonomously. Each company operates independently. Whether working together on complex projects or providing individual services, clients benefit from our collective experience, resulting in professional, high-quality and innovative teamwork.

We're Here to Help!

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Our team

Jacco Haasnoot MSc

Senior Specialist | Director


Johan Zwaan BSc

Senior Specialist | Partner


Jay Srigopal MSc

Geotechnical Consultant


Robin Wimmers MSc

Consultant | Developer


Thijs Lukkezen MSc

Consultant | Developer


Thomas Versteeg

Senior software developer


Pablo Vásconez MSc

Senior Consultant | Developer


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