Senior Consultant | Developer

Pablo Vásconez MSc

Pablo has been working at CEMS as a senior advisor | developer since April 2023 and is involved in the development of geotechnical and geohydrological software and also the automation of complex geotechnical workflows for specific construction projects. He uses Python and Rust as programming languages.

In terms of education and work experience, Pablo is a geotechnical engineer: completed his master's degree at TUDelft in 2013 and then worked as a geotechnical specialist in the Netherlands for approximately 10 years. His knowledge as a developer comes from his participation in automation projects during his work as a geotechnical specialist and his work experience at CEMS.

As an engineer, Pablo has gained extensive experience in various areas of Geotechnics: earthquake advice and simulations, wind turbine foundations, dike reinforcements (among others). He has also gained a lot of experience with numerical modeling, especially with PLAXIS, but also with OpenSees and Abaqus.

With this background, Pablo develops applications within the CEMS team that can offer added value to the geotechnical/geohydrological market.

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