Consultant | Developer

Robin Wimmers MSc

Following the completion of his master's degree in Earth Surface and Water at Utrecht University, Robin Wimmers started on his professional journey as a junior consultant in geohydrology at CRUX Engineering BV in May 2020. His primary focus was on optimizing dewatering consultancy services, leveraging his expertise and background in the field.

Robin's involvement in the early stages of CEMS BV's launch was a natural fit, given his expertise. At CEMS BV, he contributed significantly to various products like PileCore Grouper, ShallowCore, and VibraCore. He also played central roles in external projects such as WindPlanBlauw and DEC Working Platforms. Throughout these projects, Robin showcased his deep understanding of complex geotechnical issues and his ability to translate solutions into efficient code.

Moreover, Robin's contributions extended beyond technical aspects. He provided valuable insights into user experience (UX) during UI development with external partners, effectively communicating with non-developers to ensure a user-friendly design.

Robin's dedication to advancing geohydrology and geotechnical engineering is evident through his active involvement in addressing industry challenges. His commitment to both internal and external projects underscores his passion for driving innovation and solving complex problems in the field.

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