Ritchie Vink of CEMS makes a bold claim in his blog that he has written one of the fastest DataFrame Libraries. This achievement has been made using the Rust programming language.

At the time of writing this, the coronavirus has been in our country for a year, which means I have been sitting at home for a very long time. At the start of the pandemic, I had a few pet projects in Rust under my belt and I noticed that the “are we DataFrame yet”, wasn’t anywhere near my satisfaction. So I wondered if I could make a minimalistic crate that solved a specific use case of mine. But boy, did that get out of hand.

A year later with lots of programming resulting in one of the fastest DataFrame libraries available in Rust and Python. This is my first official “Hello World” from polars on my personal blog. With this post, I hope I can take the reader along with some design decisions I encountered and get a more thorough understanding of how Polars works under the hood.

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