Backend developer

We are looking for a backend developer to help deliver engineering related software and REST API's.

What we do?
We are an Amsterdam / Delft based company that delivers geotechnical software as a service. We come from a geo-engineering company and automate processes by making engineering pipelines. These pipelines are hosted in our Kubernetes environment which connects internally created Python and Rust libraries and microservices (through REST API's).

Our tech stack
Currently our tech stack involves, amongst others, the following:

  • Kubernetes
    • Docker
    • Nginx
    • Prometheus
  • Python
    • Connexxion
    • scipy/numpy stack
    • Polars
  • Rust
    • Axum
    • Leptos
    • Maturin
  • OpenAPI/Swagger
  • TypeScript
    • Vue.js
  • Timescale
    • PostgreSQL
  • GitLab

What will you be doing?
We need a good all-around developer with interest in the tech stack above. You will be helping to deliver production ready API's and help writing geotechnical software and designing engineering pipelines.

Interested in what we do? Let us know!

More information
This job description gives just a brief impression of the position. If you are interested, let us know and we organise an introductory meeting so we can exchange views on the future of automated engineering. Send an e-mail to: Jacco Haasnoot (Partner/Director CEMS and CRUX).

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