The DEC-sheetpiles library is a success!

by Martina Pippi on 22/12/2022

DEC-sheetpiles is a Python module developed by the DEC (Digital Engineering Community). It is built on top of the DSheetPiling GEOLIB’s API and it aims to simplify the process of automating a DSheetPiling calculation.

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CEMS spins 3 new Cores

by Jacco Haasnoot on 15/12/2022

The hard work of the CEMS team in the last months resulted in 3 brand new Cores! Although we have presented some of the features before, the product comes to live when the 3D block is spinning on the website!

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Publication GeoTechniek (in Dutch): Rekenregels = Programmeerregels?

by Karin Veenman on 13/12/2022

Resultaat van de groepen, sonderingen per groep en op welke niveaus wordt voldaan aan het vereiste draagvermogen. Middelste paneel: groen geeft valide groep met correcte hart op hart afstand weer.
Bij het automatiseren van rekenregels uit de NEN9997-1 voor paalfunderingen blijkt dat een aantal niet gemakkelijk zijn te vatten in programmeertaal. Daarbij leidt het nadenken over hoe we dit kunnen oplossen in universele principes die in alle gevallen gelden, tot onverwachte inzichten en tot het besef dat een aantal rekenregels met een praktische insteek (en niet perse een logische) is gekozen. We vonden deze opvallend genoeg om te delen in dit artikel. 

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The beta release of the new MLU is here!

by Johan Zwaan on 10/10/2022Read more

Brand new Samples available in Nuclei!

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BRO database CPT interpretation tool for FREE!

by Jorrit de Vries on 14/09/2022Read more

Foundation works vibration risk assessment for FREE!

by Jorrit de Vries on 07/09/2022Read more

Optimize your Foundation Pile plan for FREE!

by Jorrit de Vries on 31/08/2022Read more

Launcing NUCLEI Samples

by Jorrit de Vries on 25/08/2022

CEMS is continuously developing and improving its software and Cores. To give everyone a sneak preview of our products we introduce the free-to-use CEMS NUCLEI environment. In NUCLEI, everybody can try our application (beta) and Samples, all for free!

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Publication Land + Water: Revising drainage plans at lightning speed

by Karin Veenman on 23/08/2022

Windpark Windplanblauw is being realised in the north-western corner of Flevoland. The wind turbines in the wind farm need a foundation. In order to make this foundation, excavation work is necessary. Partly through smart programming by CEMS further delay was avoided.

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CEMS attended the #CPT22 conference

by Matina Pippi on 16/06/2022Read more

Check your site investigation coverage with PileCore

by Johan Zwaan on 15/06/2022

One of the new functions of the PileCore version 2.0 release is the centre-to-centre validation of CPT’s in the grouper. The PileCore grouper finds optimal pile groups based on the group size of CPT’s, minimum pile tip level or consecutive valid pile tip levels. With the addition of the centre-to-centre validation of adjacent CPT’s, valid subgroups are now also verified based on the NEN9997-1 3.2.3 and NEN9997-1 A.3.3.3.

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Easy Plaxis Plots with PEEC

by Jacco Haasnoot on 29/03/2022

Introducing PEEC, our straightforward and easy to use Plaxis post-processing tool in Excel. Developed by our colleagues at CRUX Engineering BV, this tool imports the calculated data from Plaxis and plots it in Excel.

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Södertälje Canal automated Plaxis quay design

by Jorrit de Vries on 17/03/2022

In June 2021, GeoMind KB, a Swedish geotechnical consultancy firm, commissioned CEMS: CRUX Engineering MicroServices BV to develop a code that automates the generation of cross sections of a quay in Plaxis. The Södertälje Canal, a 5,2km busy ship transport route containing the biggest lock in Scandinavia, was due for maintenance.

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Webinar new versions of PileCore and VibraCore – March 24th

by Johan Zwaan on 10/03/2022

On March 24th, we will be hosting a Webinar together with VIKTOR to talk about the latest updates in the new versions of PileCore and VibraCore.

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CEMS joins the DEC!

by Karin Veenman on 09/12/2021

With great pleasure we share the news that we can call ourselves partner of the DEC!

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CEMS-CRUX wins Cobouw Digitalisation Award 2021

by Karin Veenman on 17/11/2021

Jacco Haasnoot (director CEMS), proudly presents the Cobouw Digitalisation Award 2021 (Photo: Sjef Prins - APA Photo)
The Afas Theatre in Leusden, where the Cobouw Awards were presented on Tuesday afternoon 16 November, was only filled with the nominees, due to the COVID-19 measures. However, that did not spoil the party for the construction industry. CEMS director Jacco Haasnoot received the Cobouw Digitalisation Award on behalf of CEMS!

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Try CEMS Digital Toolkit, presented at ’Geotechniekdag’

by Jacco Haasnoot on 10/11/2021

Hassan Ali Dahir and his thesis supervisor Martina Pippi (CEMS)
The theme of ‘Geotechniekdag’ (Geotechnical Day) 2021 was "Hello World". This theme represents two different aspects of our profession. "Hello World" represents the first steps a beginning programmer takes. But it can also be read as the relationship between engineers and their environment.

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PEEC Plaxis Excel Exporter by CRUX

by Jacco Haasnoot on 01/11/2021

With gratitude to our colleagues of CRUX we introduce PEEC - Plaxis Excel Exporter by CRUX.

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Publication in Dutch magazine Civiele Techniek nr.7, September ’21

by Karin Veenman on 05/10/2021

There are several initiatives and developments in progress in the construction industry that show that the digital transformation is also taking shape in this sector. Where frontrunners have set a clear line, others are still struggling with the question of what digitization means to them and how to shape it.

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Vote for CEMS and CRUX!

by Jacco Haasnoot on 27/09/2021

Nominated for the Dutch Cobouw Award 2021, category Digitalization CEMS and CRUX are among the last three companies to be considered for the Cobouw Award Digitalization 2021!

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Results Survey MLU | MicroFEM & Roadmap to the future

by Jasper Havik on 26/08/2021

It has been a few months since CEMS acquired ownership of MLU / MicroFEM from dr. Kick Hemker and we are hard at work on the new releases.

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Publication in the Dutch magazine GWW July '21

by Karin Veenman on 06/07/2021

Jacco Haasnoot has been involved in the Dutch publication 'Automatische tool als basis van een compleet paalfunderingsontwerp', in the magazine Grond-, Weg- en Waterbouw (GWW) no. 3 (June 2021).

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Partnership CEMS and VIKTOR

by Karin Veenman on 17/06/2021

On 17 June 2021 CRUX and VIKTOR signed a partnership to jointly develop automation products for the geotechnical and geohydrological engineering market.

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Ownership MicroFEM and MLU transferred to CEMS

by Johan Zwaan on 18/05/2021

In January 2021 the ownership of both MicroFEM and MLU was transferred from dr. Kick Hemker to CEMS BV.

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Met software tool LEoPart nauwkeurig simuleren

by Guido Meinhardt on 03/09/2020

Nauwkeurig simuleren van complexe, geohydrologische transportprocessen (zoals verspreiding van bodemverontreinigingen, effect van WKOs op omgeving of effectiviteit van de energiedamwand), met de open-source software tool LEoPart van Jakob Maljaars lukt dat.

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CRUX started a new company: CEMS B.V. is born!

by Karin Veenman on 30/06/2020

The last few months a small baby boom has been going on at CRUX Engineering and now a new baby sister company has been 'born' on a business level as well. Since last year, CRUX invests heavily in the development of the automation of its consultancy and engineering activities.

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