MicroFEM for Windows is a Finite-Element Program for Multiple-Aquifer Steady-State & Transient Ground-Water Flow Modeling

Current release
The Windows version of MicroFEM takes you through the whole process of ground-water modeling, from the generation of a finite-element grid through the stages of preprocessing, calculation, postprocessing, graphical interpretation and plotting. Confined, semi-confined, phreatic, stratified and leaky multi-aquifer systems can be simulated with a maximum of 20 aquifers.

Irregular grids, as typically used by finite-element programs, have several advantages compared to the more or less regular grids used by finite-difference codes. A model with a well-designed irregular grid will show more accurate results with fewer nodes, so less computer memory is required while calculations are faster. MicroFEM offers extensive possibilities as to the ease of creating such irregular grids. Two grid generators are included; one is designed for irregular geometries as often encountered in regional studies, while the other is useful for engineering applications that often require high contrasts in node spacing, e.g. sheet piling and excavations. Adding and erasing nodes, connection swapping and further modifications to the grid can be done interactively.

Its capacity, flexibility and ease of use have made MicroFEM the most widely used groundwater modeling program in the Netherlands. Currently there are over 350 companies, universities, and government agencies using our software in more than 30 countries worldwide.


Improvements in the near future
A survey among the current user base provided us with the future wishes of the users. The survey determined the overall satisfaction among users of MicroFEM, surfaced the most wanted improvements:

  1. Improvements in user interface design
  2. Visualization & import/export to GIS software
  3. Make unconfined calculations in MicroFEM easier

These improvements are our top priority on the roadmap. MicroFEM will be converted to a modern, web-based application with the source code converted from Pascal to Rust. The release of the new interface for MicroFEM is scheduled in 2022.

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