Foundation Suite

The Foundation Suite offers a comprehensive package of geotechnical modules essential for foundation design. These modules cover various aspects, ranging from accurately determining the bearing capacity and pile lengths to assessing the influence area of vibrations resulting from pile installation.

In CEMS's Foundation Suite, the following tools are available:


soil classification based on machine learning


defines soil properties according to NEN9997-1 table 2b

Pile Calculation

calculation bearing capacity according to NEN9997-1

Pile Group

generate valid group configurations for compression piles

Pile Prop

defines pile properties

Pile Settlement

calculation settlement of piles according to NEN9997-1


reads GEF-files and interpret cpts with Robertson / Been & Jefferies + plot

Report Gen

generates report

Soil Stress

calculates soil stress in a soil profile


determines elastic modulus of the soil according to Prepal


gets building info from BAG viewer


gets building info from BAG viewer Buildings

Vibration prediction

prediction according to CUR166-1997

Impact force

calculates import force according to CUR166-1997


validation according to SBR-A and export results to a GIS file


defines foundation loads


defines geometry of the slope


defines geometry foundation

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