Culmann Wedgescalculates internal stability with Culmann wedges method
GridGeometrycreates a geometry object for the geo-grid
Horizontal Slidingchecks the external stability on horizontal sliding criteria
Plot geometrycreates a plot of the geometry and sliding wedges
Plot force triangleplots the internal force vectors for back-checking purposes
Report Gengenerates report


GridCore is a Python-based web-API service that automates the stability checks on Geo-grid embankments according to the guidelines in CUR-198. The user can provide the geometry of the embankment, along with custom defined reinforcement sheets, material types, distributed loads and soil-layers. Checks can be performed on external stability (horizontal sliding) and internal stability (failure planes with Culmann wedges). By using the Culmann method for all internal calculations, GridCore can accept a broad range of geometry shapes, making it a flexible tool. The bi-linear failure planes also allow accurate calculation in case of varying soil properties within and behind the geo-grids.

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