Gef-Modelsoil classification based on machine learning
NEN-Tabledefines soil properties according to NEN9997-1 table 2b
Pile Calculationcalculation bearing capacity according to NEN9997-1
Pile Groupgenerate valid group configurations for compression piles
Pile Propdefines pile properties
Pile Settlementcalculation settlement of piles according to NEN9997-1
PyGefreads GEF-files and interpret cpts with Robertson / Been & Jefferies + plot
Report Gengenerates report
Soil Stresscalculates soil stress in a soil profile


PileCore is a python library that aims to give you the full pile calculation utilities without an engineer in the loop. This means that calculations must be able to run from start to finish from a set of given parameters. Pilecore is able to determine the tipping point between positive and negative friction and will optimize pile groups automatically.

Without an ‘engineer’ in the loop the calculations can be done in parallel, optimized through bayesian optimization, or ran from a huge set from parameters. With a huge scala of results, an optimal configuration can be chosen through analysis by an engineer. So the engineer will not be replaced, but will use his expertise to analyze the results. PileCore is dependent on two tools available in our Nuclei environment. These are pygef for the reading of *.gef files and the gef-model api for the classification of the soil.

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