PileCore Lazy Tool

It works super fast and easy!

  1. Simply upload the GEF or XML file of the probing.
  2. Choose a pile type and corresponding dimension from our database.
  3. Enter the pile load.
  4. PileCore LT interprets the probing, calculates the net bearing capacity according to the Eurocode and determines the required pile tip level for the pile load.

The calculation runs on CPTCore and PileCore and is validated to current standards and guidelines. Personalise the calculation by varying:

The result?
A clear 3D overview with:

Via aW5mb0BjZW1zYnYuaW8= you can purchase PileCore LT - Pro Version for €250 per year (excluding VAT).
This allows 1 user, linked to their own mail address, to use PileCore LT for one year.

Create an account on Packhunt and try out our demo!


soil classification based on machine learning


defines soil properties according to NEN9997-1 table 2b

Pile Calculation

calculation bearing capacity according to NEN9997-1

Pile Group

generate valid group configurations for compression piles

Pile Prop

defines pile properties

Pile Settlement

calculation settlement of piles according to NEN9997-1


reads GEF-files and interpret cpts with Robertson / Been & Jefferies + plot

Report Gen

generates report

Soil Stress

calculates soil stress in a soil profile

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