Gef-Modelsoil classification based on machine learning
LoadDefines foundation loads
Report Gengenerates report
NEN-Tabledefines soil properties according to NEN9997-1 table 2b
SlopeDefines geometry of the slope
Soil Stresscalculates soil stress in a soil profile
FoundationDefines geometry foundation


ShallowCore is a python library and API service aimed at shallow foundation design according to NEN9997-1 for a range of applications such as permanent structures like buildings and bridges or temporary structures like cranes and work platforms. From a set of inputs - characteristic values for soil strength parameters, loads, foundation dimensions or slopes, a fully automated sequence of calculations is carried out to check all required failure mechanisms. Optimization of foundation dimensions for a defined load case is possible by showing the change in bearing capacity for a range of foundation widths or horizontal load orientations and the thickness of a ground improvement. All this allows for rapid design and automation of an engineers' repetitive tasks, freeing up their time for critical thinking and analysis of results.

This package is in active development, with new features coming soon like adding CPT core into the calculation loop. Stay tuned for the latest developments!

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