Gef-Modelsoil classification based on machine learning
NEN-TableDefines soil properties according to NEN9997-1 table 2b
SoilpropPrepalDetermines elastic modulus of the soil according to Prepal
BAGreaderGets building info from BAG viewer
BuildingsGets building info from BAG viewer Buildings
Vibration predictionPrediction according to CUR166-1997
Impact forceCalculates import force according to CUR166-1997
ValidationSBRValidation according to SBR-A and export results to a GIS file
Report Gengenerates report


VibraCore is an API service based on a Python library that automates the risk management of building damage during vibration works, such as the installation of sheet piles or driven piles. Based on the soil profile (GEF file) the maximum impact force is calculated (according to CUR 166) or the elastic modulus of the soil is determined (according to Prepal). This is used to predict the maximum vibration velocity. Based on the attributes of the nearby buildings the failure vibration velocity is calculated (according to SBR A). If the check fails the building has a unacceptable risk (according to SBR A) of being damaged by the installation of the piles or sheet piles.

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