Groundwater monitoring networka group of wells that monitor a catchment
Groundwater monitoring welllocation of the well
Formation resistance dossiersoil properties analysis based on groundwater flow
Groundwater analysis reportchemical composition of the groundwater
Groundwater level dossiertime series of groundwater levels


Understanding the groundwater mechanism in your project area will help reduce risk in your project design. A correct prediction of groundwater levels are of utmost importance when designing your foundation or excavation, as the groundwater level determines the effective stress in the subsurface or the dry excavation level depth. WaterCore bundles groundwater measurements from public data sources and combines the time series with location specific subsurface data. This gives you an overview of all the important factors of the groundwater system at your site in one place. Based on the time series, groundwater statistics are presented, allowing the user to get an inside in the groundwater variation.

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