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‘De Nieuwe Meer’

De Nieuwe Meer comprises of the widening of the A10 with some impressive numbers: 700m of piled embankments; miscellaneous structures with 4000+ piles; a large number of nearby buildings; 30+ automated PLAXIS cross-sections directly from the Grasshopper model to a calculation result.

The reconstruction of the 'De Nieuwe Meer' junction is part of the Zuidasdok project, one of the largest infrastructural construction projects in the Netherlands, which aims to make the northern part of the Randstad more accessible by road and public transport.

To improve safety and flow on the road, through traffic will be separated from destination traffic from De Nieuwe Meer interchange. The number of lanes will be increased from 4 to 6 in each direction. To make this possible, 14 viaducts will be addressed and a completely new viaduct will be built from the A10 South towards the A4.

The work is being carried out by the Tri-AX consortium consisting of BESIX, Dura Vermeer and Heijmans on behalf of Zuidasdok (a collaboration between Rijkswaterstaat, ProRail and the municipality of Amsterdam). According to the current planning, all parts of the reconstruction of the De Nieuwe Meer junction will be fully operational by 2031 at the latest.

Following the 'De Nieuwe Meer' junction, the A10 South goes underground in the heart of Zuidas. The adjustment of the A10 South ends with the reconstruction of the Amstel junction.

Automatic creation of the Plaxis model and definition of calculation phases

On behalf of the Tri-AX consortium, CEMS developers are involved in the design of piled embankments and most of the foundations of abutments connecting to them.
Among other things, CEMS brings the 'CEMS Foundation Suite' to automate design processes and find optimisations in the design of piled embankments. One of our CEMS developers handles the automation of the PLAXIS calculations, building the model directly from Grasshopper and defining all calculation phases.

project area
Project area "De Nieuwe Meer"

Unlike common calculation programs, this software bundle developed by CEMS is readily available in the Cloud through APIs. Due to the scalability of our cloud servers, many calculations can be performed in a 'loop' in a short time, which can lead to sound design choices and an optimal design in a short time.

Added value CEMS

More information about CEMS Foundation Suite can be found at or mail to aW5mb0BjZW1zYnYubmw=
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