DEC Working Platforms

Developed specifically for geotechnical engineers, the application enables quick and efficient assessment of the stability of foundation cranes on working platforms.

Application Structure

Collaboration with Ballast Nedam, Hektec, Dura Vermeer, BAM, Heijmans and TBI.

The application offers the possibility to create a design for different crane types such as a GLS, PD or a boom crane. The assessment is done on the basis of design guideline 689 " Begaanbaarheid van bouwterreinen", where the ground pressures under the crane are determined and checked for the bearing capacity of the subsoil. This check is carried out using the ShallowCore calculation module.

Various models of cranes that can be included in the tool

CEMS is one of the two developers of the tool in the VIKTOR platform. The main part of the tool consists of obtaining all input parameters of the subsurface, cranes and potential mitigating measures, before a stability analysis of the foundation (shallow foundation) is performed by ShallowCore.
Some of the tasks performed include :

Schematic top view crane position

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