Monitoringsportal Oranje Loper

The Oranje Loper is a project in the city centre of Amsterdam, in which streets and bridges are renovated over a stretch of about 2.8 km; from Raadhuisstraat to Mecatorplein.

During the design and construction of this multi-year project, risks for the adjacent and often monumental buildings and quay walls, are controlled and monitored by 'het Bouwkundig Bureau' consisting of CRUX and BouwRisk. To keep track of the large amount of data generated by monitoring and to maintain an overview during the long building period, the need emerged for a reliable data acquisition system.

In collaboration with Stellaspark, CEMS created an online NEXUS portal in which all the monitoring data can be easily accessed and clearly presented. The NEXUS portal not only provides a visual representation of the monitoring data, but also has a direct link to Bouwrisk's Datalake, making all monitoring data automatically visible to all users.

3D map of the entire project area including color-coded information from the building pasports

Having all the relevant measurement systems within one online portal is unique in its kind and goes beyond "just" a monitoring portal as all the relevant building data along the project is included in a so-called building passport. By combining all the relevant building data such as foundation type, vibration category, INSAR data and much more in a 3D map, alongside the monitoring data, a complete overview of the risk related to the projects construction is attained. In this way, the portal also acts as a central information system for managing the project related risks.

Zoomed 3D detail showing measurement points of bridge and quay wall and surrounding buildings and their status
Detailed result of noise measurements and relevant checks to codes
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