Source: Mihhail Telkov

Södertälje Canal Sweden

The Södertälje Canal, a 5.2 km long busy shipping route with the largest lock in Scandinavia, was in need of maintenance.

This project was undertaken in collaboration with (befriended) GeoMind from Sweden. GeoMind asked sister companies CRUX and CEMS for computational support for the PLAXIS 2D calculations. CEMS wrote a script for automated construction of repetitive PLAXIS 2D calculations based on the work of CRUX's geotechnical consultant. GeoMind's initial request was to perform 20 to 25 PLAXIS 2D calculations spread over 3 locations. CEMS's automated script ultimately completed 41 calculations in a relatively short amount of processing time.

Plaxis model


Added value CEMS

Artist impression of the canal. Source:

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