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Geotechnical Software
We offer a range of powerful geotechnical Cores designed to streamline various aspects of geotechnical analysis and design. Our software solutions are equipped with advanced features to enhance productivity and accuracy in projects.
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Automated Engineering
Our automated engineering solutions are able to optimize workflows, reduce manual errors, and improve overall project efficiency.
Check for example this story about VibraCore

Gain insights and expertise from our team of experienced developers engineers. Whether you need assistance with optimization ofworkflows, risk assessment, or problem-solving, our consultancy services are here to support you every step of the way. Benefit from personalized guidance and tailored solutions to overcome challenges and achieve your project goals.
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Tool Development
Need a custom tool to address specific challenges in your geotechnical projects? Our skilled team of developers can create tools and applications tailored to your unique requirements.
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Data Management
Effectively manage and leverage your geotechnical data with our data management solutions. From data collection and organization to visual analysis and reporting, our systems are designed to streamline the entire data lifecycle. Ensure data integrity, accessibility, and security while maximizing the value of your geotechnical information.
Check for example this story about the monitoring platform for Oranje Loper

Technology Stack
Google Cloud, Polars, Prometheus, TypeScript, TimeScale, WebAssembly, Rust, Docker, GitLab, Python, Kubernetes and Jupyter Notebooks.

Google Cloud
Jupyter Notebooks

Other developments

  • MicroFEM - Finite Element Modeling for Multiple-Aquifer Steady-State & Transient Groundwater Flow More info
  • MLU - Aquifer Test Analysis More info

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PileCore Lazy Tool

Fast pile design with PileCore LT. Want an indicative pile design for your construction project in just 5 seconds? Get to know PileCore LT – Lazy Tool.


Foundation Suite

A comprehensive package of geotechnical modules essential for foundation design.


Bearing capacity calculations of compression and tension piles. Finish with our unique Grouper for a complete pile design.


Risk assessment of building damage during vibration-intensive construction activities.

CPT Core

Seven fully automated soil classification models, such as the CEMS machine learning model, Robertson and Been & Jefferies.


Examines all essential failure mechanisms for shallow foundation design.


Stability checks on reinforced embankments.


Understanding the groundwater characteristics in your project area will help reduce risk in your project design.

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