Two brand new samples have been added to our free online environment Nuclei Samples: ShallowCore and WaterCore (beta). ShallowCore is design software for shallow foundations and calculates the drained and undrained bearing capacity, punch and squeeze.

WaterCore (beta) is our convenient tool to combine groundwater level data from different databases shown in one figure. The groundwater levels from the BRO database are coupled with, amongst others, Regis. This way you don't have to go through every database yourself and manually combine all the data.

Today, we are also present at the "Funderingsdag" in "De Doelen" in Rotterdam, come visit us at stand 20! We love to discus our software and how it can assist you in your design process!

Curious about the #ShallowCore and #WaterCore Sample, and our other Cores? Go to, sign up and try it yourself for free! Nuclei Samples is free-to-use online environment where you can try our software and applications.

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