Most of the work of a (Dutch) geotechnical engineer starts by interpreting CPTs, deriving both the soil type and layer boundaries from the CPT graph. CPT Core automates this process based on a unique AI model and layer-grouping algorithm. Our colleague Martina Pippi wrote a blog about it:

In the CPT Core Sample, you can select any CPT from the entire BRO database and interpret it using CPT Core. You can also play around with our layer grouping algorithm or including the location in the interpretation of the CPT.
Contact us if you have a big bulk of CPT's that need to be interpreted and get the soil parameters as a bonus.

Curious about the CPT Core Sample and our other Cores? Go to NUCLEI, sign up and try it yourself for free! Nuclei Samples is free-to-use online environment where you can try our software and applications.

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