The Afas Theatre in Leusden, where the Cobouw Awards were presented on Tuesday afternoon 16 November, was only filled with the nominees, due to the COVID-19 measures. However, that did not spoil the party for the construction industry. CEMS director Jacco Haasnoot received the Cobouw Digitalisation Award on behalf of CEMS!

According to the jury the tools of CEMS can be a game changer and significantly change the role of engineers now (and certainly in the near future). A big compliment for CEMS which has only been on the road for a year in the discipline of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

CEMS digital services
To be prepared for the future, you can no longer afford to ignore digital innovation as an engineering firm. CRUX Engineering changed course a few years ago and now wants to play a pioneering role in that area.

Through sister company CEMS (CRUX Engineering MicroServices) the first digital services are offered. For the time being, it concerns two modular applications: PileCore is a calculation module that comes in handy when making a design for pile foundations. VibraCore is capable of predicting whether the driving of piles or driving in sheet piles will result in damage to nearby buildings by calculating the impact of construction vibrations.

What’s next?
Behind the scenes, the programmers of CEMS are busy developing more applications (SettleCore, FitCore, ShallowCore... and more!) and preparing existing applications for today's requirements (MicroFem and MLU).

More information
Interested in more information? Our developers will be happy to assist you in any additional information or if you would like to try our tools!
Cobouw Awards

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