With great pleasure we share the news that we can call ourselves partner of the DEC!

The DEC is the digital meeting spot for the construction and infra sector, where software development ideas come together, are conceived, and accelerated. Within this open community, different parties develop applications to automate standard processes. By collaborating and sharing knowledge, we invent the wheel together, make financing the (engineering) process more easy, and offer high quality solutions.

"CEMS is very excited to be part of the DEC and we are looking forward to the developments that will take place in this community. CEMS has developed a strategy on how digitisation is part of the business model of a specialist engineering firm. Participation in the DEC fits this strategy perfectly, because the joint development of tools accelerates the automation of design processes. We would like to be part of this because we obviously want to avoid duplication of work. With the tools and skills we have already developed, we can add value to the DEC. Finally, it is of value to us that through discussion in the community, we strengthen our position in the market." - Jacco Haasnoot, Director/Owner.

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