Installation of sheet piles and piles in urban areas poses a risk of damage to nearby buildings. Sheet piles are usually vibrated into the ground. This vibration travels through the subsurface to nearby buildings. VibraCore uses the Dutch CUR166 guideline to predict the vibration velocity. The SBR-A vibration limit values are set for the building of your choice to check whether the predicted vibration levels comply.

In the Sample of VibraCore, you can select in a map the building you want to verify and define the location of the vibration source. After adding several building, vibratory hammer and soil parameters, the vibration velocity is calculated and translated into a zone of influence. This zone of influence is plotted in the same map as the selected building and vibration source and turns green when you comply with the limit values. You can also choose the vibration monitoring strategy and see how this effects the zone of influence. For more information visit:

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