CEMS is continuously developing and improving its software and Cores. To give everyone a sneak preview of our products we introduce the free-to-use CEMS NUCLEI environment. In NUCLEI, everybody can try our application (beta) and Samples, all for free!

NUCLEI gives access to the beta version of MLU. MLU is an application for the analysis of aquifer tests and the design, and drawdown calculations of well flow in layered aquifer systems with (semi)confined and unconfined conditions.

The Samples give you an easy option to try out some of the key features of our Cores. Explore the Sample "PileCore Grouper" to see how to optimise your pile configuration with our smart grouping algorithm. You can use your own pile bearing capacity results (Dfoundation or other data) in this analyses!
With the "VibraCore" Sample you can calculate vibrations in the soil according to Prepal an CUR166 and see if your project has a risk of vibration damage to nearby buildings.
To illustrate the strength of "CPT Core" we have developed a neat Sample that lets you pick any CPT available in the BRO on a map and returns the interpretation of our AI based CPTCore tool.

Curious to explore NUCLEI? Visit https://nuclei.cemsbv.io/#/, sign up and try it yourself!

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