We developed the #PileCore Grouper to assist you in optimizing your pile foundation design. With a large group of CPTs, the number of potential subgroups that can be formed quickly increases, making grouping time consuming and easy to lose overview. Smart grouping of CPTs leads to a lower Xi factor, a higher pile bearing capacity, a higher pile tip level, lower cost and CO2 exhaust. In other words, an optimal design! Our PileCore Grouper does the work for you and this leads to some interesting results, as Johan Zwaan has also explained in his blog:

The PileCore Grouper obviously works with PileCore results, but for this Sample we have also made it easy for you to work with results from other software programs, as you can download an excel file to parse your D-Foundation results or results from other foundation design software. If you have any questions or remarks about #PileCore Grouper, do not hesitate to contact us at aW5mb0BjZW1zYnYubmw= .

Curious about the #PileCore Grouper Sample and our other Cores? Go to https://nuclei.cemsbv.io/#/, sign up and try it yourself for free! Nuclei Samples is free-to-use online environment where you can try our software and applications.

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