MLU (Multi-Layer Unsteady state) can be used for drawdown calculations and inverse modelling of transient well flow (pumping tests analysis) in layered aquifer systems and stratified aquifers.

MLU is the tried and true application for pumping test analysis since 2008. Areas of application include:

  • variable discharge tests
  • recovery tests
  • step-drawdown tests
  • complex tests in well fields
  • slug tests
  • estimating aquifer properties such as layer-by-layer transmissivity, storativity, and vertical resistance/conductance

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New website
MLU's newest release calls for a new website. In a few clicks our website shows what MLU can do for you. Quick, to the point and easy to understand. You are always just one click away from the MLU tool, so check out the site and try MLU for free!

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