DEC-sheetpiles is a Python module developed by the DEC (Digital Engineering Community). It is built on top of the DSheetPiling GEOLIB’s API and it aims to simplify the process of automating a DSheetPiling calculation.

Among the participating parties (10 in total) there was a shared need to create a Python library that could do what the GEOLIB does but “faster” and with fewer code lines, making it easier and more convenient to use. This goal has been achieved by, among others, creating several Classes that given a specific set of parameters generates a new stage in DSheetpiling file. The ConstructionActivity class is an example of a Class and part of the code is shown below.

from dec_sheetpiles.d_sheet_calculator import DSheetCalculator
from dec_sheetpiles.construction_activities.excavation import Excavation

calculator = DSheetCalculator(

excavation = Excavation(

Resulting in a phase that looks like this:

Attention has also been given to the parsing of the results that returns the relevant results for the engineer and way less nested dictionaries ;)

Our colleague Martina Pippi, developed the module together with Marcel Slootweg (developer, VIKTOR) and Tom Laumen (Product Owner, Boskalis). The collaboration has been very productive and all parties involved are enthusiastic about the end result. The collaboration is proof of the famous saying:

‘If You Want to Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want to Go Far, Go Together.’
‘Alleen ga je sneller, samen kom je verder!’

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