The theme of ‘Geotechniekdag’ (Geotechnical Day) 2021 was "Hello World". This theme represents two different aspects of our profession. "Hello World" represents the first steps a beginning programmer takes. But it can also be read as the relationship between engineers and their environment.

We see rapid developments taking place in the world of civil engineering in the areas of digitization and data science. But we also see that our environment has higher expectations of our designs and wants a say in the direction of solutions, for example in terms of sustainability, circularity and ecological impact.

Collaboration leads to digital toolkit for future geotechnical engineers. This was the title of the lecture held by Jacco Haasnoot of CEMS and Stijn Jansen of VIKTOR during the Geotechnical Day. The presentation lead to some interesting discussion with the audience. Our booth was also well visited and we demonstrated our novel tools PileCore, VibraCore and PEEC.

Finally Congratulations to our former thesis student Hassan Ali Dahir, who won the Keverling Buisman Award for best BSc thesis in the field of Geotechnics ! More info on his work can be found here.

Missed the Geotechnical Day 2021? Don't hesitate to contact us. Our developers will be happy to assist you in any additional information or if you would like to try our tools.

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