Last week, CEMS developers Thijs Lukkezen and Robin Wimmers participated in the UCODE24 Viktor Hackathon. They created innovative apps in less than 2 days and eventually went home with the FIRST PRIZE!

The event was an exciting playground for like-minded engineers and developers with a passion for digital innovation. An estimated 50 "hackers" gathered, with a vibrant mix of backgrounds and skills. 7 teams were formed to compete for prizes in 3 different categories, judged by a panel of esteemed judges.

Robin Wimmers joined the PeakBusters team and developed an ingenious application designed to reduce a company's peak demand by intelligently optimising battery storage capacity and combining multiple renewable energy sources. Their solution not only helps companies manage energy more effectively, but also helps grid operators maintain a balanced and reliable power supply during periods of high demand.

Output PeakBuster app

Thijs Lukkezen got to work on Talk To Your Model: a simple but powerful app that allows users to have in-depth chats with their 3D models. The model can be uploaded with a simple drag-and-drop action, after which visual inspection and an interactive conversation can begin immediately. Using ChatGPT API in the background, the information that can be gathered is limited only by the quality of the model and the user's imagination. Their efforts were awarded first prize in the "best development" category.

Impression of the Talk-to-your-model App

We are incredibly proud of Thijs and Robin and congratulate all the other participants for their impressive achievements. Many thanks to everyone involved who made the hackathon a resounding success!

The hackaton was organized by Viktor and sponsored by Heijmans

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